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Guide and Material Submission

    1. The suggested title, namely title that is formed according to the publication planning, starts at the title proposal stage. The writer must submit: Publication proposal form, Biodata form, Title proposal submission letter. Example of the write-up (2-3 chapters of written draft).
    2. Unplanned title, which is the manuscript that is accepted outside the planning of/beyond publication planning. The writer must submit: Publication proposal form, Biodata form, complete material submission letter, Publication permission letter, if there are any materials being adapted from other sources. Complete printed manuscripts together with illustrations in diskette or CD-ROM.
    3. Manuscripts should be typed on a computer with double spacing using suitable software, for example MS Word.
    4. Manuscripts need to be printed on quality A4 size white paper.
    5. Computer printouts should be clear.
    6. Hand written manuscripts are not accepted.
    7. Material sent must include:
    • Complete manuscript with diskette / CD_ROM.
    • Letter of material submission.
    • Consent publication letter from writer / contributor / original publisher/source of material.
    • UPM Press will not be responsible for any loss / damage of materials during the delivery process.

Updated:: 26/07/2021