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UPM Publisher Objectives

Publication of books, journals and other scientific in Malay and English produced by academics and employees for the purpose of expanding the body of knowledge, the dissemination of knowledge and information for the benefit of all mankind, and offers, in addition to lift the name of UPM, support the vision and mission University.

Quality Objectives 

The publication period of the original work is NOT EXISTING  9 MONTHS  per title. The University Putra Malaysia staff will carry out the responsibility of achieving the quality objectives set, as well as ensuring that those objectives are reviewed from time to time in line with UPM's vision, mission and goals. 

This active role was played by the UPM Publisher, which is also a department responsible for documenting the knowledge generated at the university and disseminating it. What is remarkable is that books published by UPM Publishers are not only used by UPM students themselves, but also other public and private HEIs.

Students can benefit from the publications produced by visiting the UPM Publisher. There are various titles and publications that can be purchased at attractive prices. There are books published as important reference texts for several courses offered at UPM in addition to general references to specific fields.

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