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Muslim di China Menerusi Novel Musilin de Zhangli

Suhaila Abdullah



112 halaman • 2019

Kewujudan umat Islam di China bukanlah suatu perkara yang asing. Sejarah mencatatkan bahawa masyarakat Muslim di China turut berperanan penting dalam memajukan serta mewarnai peradaban di negara tersebut. Justeru, buku ini memaparkan kehidupan masyarakat Muslim di China dan cabaran yang mereka hadapi menerusi kajian dan analisis terhadap sebuah novel berjudul Musilin de Zhangli, yang merupakan hasil karya seorang penulis wanita terkenal bernama Huo Da. Buku ini memerihalkan secara mendalam tentang masyarakat Muslim di China yang dikenali sebagai masyarakat Hui dan keadaan sosioekonomi mereka. Dalam membincangkan peradaban masyarakat Muslim di China menerusi novel ini, penulis turut memberikan kupasan yang mendalam berkaitan bidang kesusasteraan dalam peradaban masyarakat Hui (Muslim) di China.


Anda dan Alam Sekitar

Haliza Abdul Rahman



109 muka surat • 2019


Buku ini dihasilkan bertujuan untuk mendidik masyarakat mengenali alam sekitar secara umum, menyedari kepentingan memelihara alam sekitar dan bagaimana kita sebagai sebahagian ahli masyarakat boleh berperanan menjaga persekitaran. Adalah menjadi harapan penulis agar buku ini membantu mendidik pembaca khususnya masyarakat supaya peka dengan persekitaran mereka dan seterusnya memupuk sifat menyayangi alam sekitar dengan melibatkan diri dalam pelbagai aspek pemeliharaan dan pemuliharaan demi mengekalkan kelestarian alam sekitar setempat dan sejagat.



Industrial Relations Constructive Dismissal: A Technical Approach (2nd Edition)

Samsudin Yaacob



141 pages • 2019

In this borderless age disputes between employer and employee are becoming more complex and complicated. In addition union activities in the country have global connections and thus the problems become legally more difficult to resolve. Further, various acts which favour workers have been enacted and amended to provide protection to workers and their unions, and this is a challenge for employers. This book will thus be very useful to employers, in particular Human Resource Managers, professional managers, industrial relations legal practitioners, academics and students, and also as a reference in the field of Industrial Relations for the general public.


Performance of Aggregate Fillers in Stone Mastic Asphalt Mixture

Ratnasamy Muniandy & Salihudin Hassim



275 pages • 2019

This book was written as a reference book to explain the performance of various aggregate filler types and sizes in Stone Mastic Asphalt mixtures. Fillers are typically fine powders with particle size distribution in the range of 1-100 microns. They can be naturally occurring materials such as limestone (calcium carbonate), manufactured fillers such as carbon black or derived from industrial wastes such as fly ash and recycled fillers in the form of so-called baghouse fines that have also been frequently used. Mineral fillers in hot mix asphalt is an important component of the mixture as the design and performance of hot mix asphalt (HMA) concrete is greatly influenced by the nature and amount of the mineral filler in the mix, where an excess quantity of filler tends to increase stability, brittleness and proclivity to cracking. This book may be of great benefit to practicing engineers, academics and research students.

Object-tive Text: An Object of Seeing

Nasir Baharuddin



136 pages • 2018

This book arose out of a passage that shattered the author’s thought and try to break out the idea of an object as a project of art discourse. It is about proposition and wonderment regarding the things that we apprehend and curious. A suggestion what is in our mind, and what is the possibility the view that we have lead to certain understanding and a demonstrable content. In which it derives from various background of discipline according to individual imagination. In this case, the title of the book ‘object-tive text’ – an object of seeing, imposed as an illuminate to thought on object where the idea of object can be perceived as positive and negative conceptions based how the process of interpretation being built by understanding of the text. A set of language that can create a difference but there is no distinction. The aesthetic of coupling and multiple that illustrate the gathering of unity.


Critical Literacy and Self-Identity: Narratives of Incarcerated Female Adolescents

Noritah Omar



306 pages  • 2019

This book spotlights incarceration as an act of “compassionate intention” for juveniles. It narrates in detail a doctoral study which used narrative inquiry to investigate the construction of self-identity by incarcerated female adolescents involved in a story-telling program in a juvenile detention facility. A combination of critical theory, feminism, and the Islamic religious views of the researcher served as the theoretical and methodological foundation of the study.  The study highlights how the social and institutional surveillance which constantly framed the lives of these incarcerated adolescents tended to preserve their low sense of status and to undermine their sense of intellectuality. The study also shows how the participants’ self-identity constructions can be directly associated with critical literacy, thus providing a means for empowerment through narrative as a form of self-inquiry, a stage for confrontation, and a channel for personal revelations.


Perubahan Iklim dan Penyakit Bawaan Nyamuk di Malaysia

Haliza Abdul Rahman, Hermizi Hapidin & Wan Nor Amilah Wan Abdul Wahab



181 muka surat • 2019

Buku ini memfokus kepada fenomena perubahan iklim dan perkaitannya dengan poenyakit bawaan nyamuk. Terdapat 11 bab dalam buku ini yang disusun bermula dengan fenomena perubahan iklim; diikuti dengan habitat, kitar hidup dan bahaya gigitan nyamuk; seterusnya membincangkan penyakit bawaan nyamuk di Malaysia dengan menumpu kepada punca, simptom, kaedah rawatan dan pencegahan terhadap penyakit malaria, demam denggi, chikungunya, filariasis, Japanese Encephalitis (JE), demam kuning (Yellow fever) dan Zika. Terdapat jhuga satu bab khas berkaitan pencegahan terhadap gigitan nyamuk melalui kaedah moden dan tradisional. Semoga buku ini dapat memberi manfaat dalam usaha meningkatkan kesedaran terhadap kepentingan memelihara dan memulihara alam sekitar demi kesejahteraan sejagat.


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